Thomas Sanders
Full name Thomas F. Sanders
Famous for

Vine, Youtube, Singing, Acting,

Birthdate April 24, 1989
Age 29
Height 5'10"
Hair colour Brown
Eye colour Brown

Youtuber, Actor, Singer, Awesome person who makes us laugh and smile daily

Thomas Sanders was a vine personality from the popular social media app 'Vine'. He created short 7 second comedic sketches. He had 6 million+ followers on vine. He is now currently

Thomas Foley Sanders is a YouTube star who first became popular on Vine as Foster Dawg. This ex-Viner claimed his position to fame in October 2013 when the number of his followers on Vine surpassed 1 million. He was best known for his career on Vine until the app was dissolved by Twitter, in 2017. After Vine was gone, Thomas shifted his full focus to YouTube, on which he had already been posting videos from earlier. He has featured a number of YouTube stars like, Dodie Clark, Lilly Singh, Jon Cozart, Ben J. Pierce and Grace Helbig on his channel. Apart from being a successful internet celebrity, he also performs in local theater and is serious about taking his acting career further. Sanders has been seen singing in many of his Vine and YouTube videos and he has also been praised for his singing abilities. In 2016, Sanders went on a national tour (Ultimate Story Time) to take his Internet content to stage. Go here to buy the album :

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He has also done some songs on Youtube written by Joan Stokes and others and sometimes he plays the ukulele along with them. Click here to buy borderline:

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