Ian Thomas
Ian Thomas
Full name Ian Thomas Hoelen
Famous for

Acting, Singing

Birthdate April 30, 1997
Age 21
Partner/Spouse Single
Height 1.86 m
Hair colour Brown
Eye colour Blue

Brigitte Derks (mother)
Frank Hoelen (father)


Eline De Boeck (ex)


Singer-songwriter, musician, actor, model

Ian Thomas is a Belgian singer-songwriter, musician, actor and recording artist.

Ian Thomas was discovered in 2011 after the video for his Dutch cover version of Justin Bieber's "Baby" was posted by his parents on YouTube and became a viral sensation. The video came to the attention of Universal Music who signed a contract with him and the song was released as a single soon afterwards. In 2012 Ian was a model for the Danish fashion brand Outfitters Nation. In 2013 he participated in the reality series De Grote Sprong (the Flemish version of the popular Celebrity Splash! franchise) and came in second place.