The Help

So I created this page to help you help out on the wikia! I hope you understand, message me on my wall if you have any issues!

Creating Characters aka. the infoboxes

Page 1

First you want to select the Photos tab from the wikia navigation Bar. Once you get to the photos page you will see a small button at the top right of the page that says" ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------lll

Page 2

Once you have clicked that, add the photo off the person you are creating the page about. Now you are set! Select the create a page button. Which is under the Contribute tab on the top right of the screen --------------------------------------------------


Click it and name your page after who you are writing about. Then once on the page you want to select

Clickthe template button




i -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Page 3

Right here --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

And finally after clicking that button, select the 'Infobox' button.

Page 4


Happy Editing!

- Famous People WIkia


You may edit the pages without DESTROYING them. Don't spam. Try not to swear, (censor it) and don't be a cyberbully. Have fun and be a good sport about things, most of all help make this wikia grow!!

- Ashley and Midnight!

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