So this wikia, is just about creating a glossary on literally EVERY FAMOUS PERSON EVERRRR, weather they are a singer, actor, actress, dancer, celebrity or anything. Just famous people. i really hope you can help make this wikia better and more awesome. My dream is for this wikia to have the 'BEST' information out there.

I would love for people across the world to help with this, it would mean a lot to me :D So have fun and make this wikia rock, you cna check out my 'help' page from the home page it has you know guides to everything.

About Me Edit

So my name is Ashley I am 15. I am OBSESSED with pretty little liars and Once Upon a Time. I have a secret love for dance moms, you tube is also my LIFE. I love watching you tubers and even though I am pretty girly I love gaming youtubers, (some of them are hilarious). I am a die hard Swiftie and Lovatic and Smiler and a lot more.

I have lived in England and America, basically my mom is British nd my dad is American so we kinda live between both countries. But now we live in Dubai because my mum is a lawyer here. My dad is a pilot so I don't see him a lot :"( but yeah. I have blonde hair and blue eyes and I would say I am average height-wise.

I love so many movies, comedy is one of my fav genres. I can't stand tv series wit fake laughs it literally drives me mad. Ugh. I am waiting for June 2nd, by the time you see this it will probably be passed that #SummerofAnswers.

My fav album is 1989 by the one and only Taylor Swift :D

Enjoy the wikia

Kisses - Ashley